May 7, 2013

Hello May! {Something Cute for Teacher Appreciation}

Its May!! Well it has been for a few days now and this week is Teachers Appreciation Week! I have a different (well an additional) perspective on teachers now that I have a little one on the way to kindergarten. But one thing remains constant. I think teachers are AWESOME. Charged with assisting us in molding these amazing little minds into what they will become. The SKY IS THE LIMIT. Such an awesome and important job.

Trying to come up with a special little something to say Thank You this Teachers Appreciation Week. A little extra cash is always nice? I've seen some super cute stuff over on Pinterest.

For some pINSPIRATION check me out here.

Are you doing something sweet for the teachers in your life?

OOooh!!! Do you remember your FAVORITE teacher?!!

Who was it and what would you say to them now?

I'll start:

Dearest Mr. Tate,
Thank you for believing that I could do anything. For playing that piano while I stood on stage and sang my little heart out. It made me believe it as well. 

Bunnie (Nicole)


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