May 2, 2013


So, guest post on Bunnie and Co. What up?!

So I decided to talk about a few things that I am really into these days. Why not follow the wonderful post for The Perfect Ballet Flat with a little story on my obsession with sneaker releases!

So, I am a man of a certain age that should NOT...I repeat should NOT be online at 8am Saturday mornings hoping my web browser is faster than the kids in skinny jeans trying to get a pair of limited release Air Jordans. Guilty!

Look. It is mostly nostalgic; largely impractical; down right ridiculous. My justification is that I want them and I can actually afford them. Not like my college days when I was floating checks to nab the latest and greatest. Do you remember when you had like 3 days from the time you wrote the check to the time it cleared? I floated my fair share. Especially at Publix where you could write it for $40 over that week's groceries! or a pack of gum...

Bunnie is trying to convince me that Lil H is worthy of a pair or two but I think his See Kai Run joints are more age appropriate. He has plenty of time find his own midlife obsessions.

He will just have to settle for hanging at the kitchen counter with me (a cup of milk for him  and a cup of coffee for me) as I boot up the iPad, laptop, and iPhone trying beat the kids to the prize.


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