Jun 14, 2013

Battle of the Baby Bulge - Checking In

I had major minor set back at the beach a couple of weeks ago. Ice Cream and Cocktails (see link) daily. Way too much fun!! But now I'm back to business. 

I'm in a good place now.  Instead of arm wrestling with the cupcakes and rocky road, I'm preparing healthy foods ahead of time so that I'm not scrounging and eating whatever is around to satisfy my hunger. I have a cookie every now and again, but I've convinced myself that I dont need FIVE.

Oh and Zone Boot Camp. I've been kicking butt on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (weather permitting) at 5:45 AM with some AWESOME and ENCOURAGING folks! Building stamina, and strength, and patience. Its an awesome start to the day (me time before anyone else is even awake!!). Makes me feel like I've already kicked the days patooty (Bring It!) and the rest will be a piece of cake.  The trainers are AMAZING. I missed today because of the monsoon yesterday. They are hard core and I wasn't up for rolling around in the mud early this morning. I took the kids out for a jog with the double stroller in lieu of. Looking forward to hitting it hard on Monday.

In the mean time:

What things are looking like over here:

Breakfast: A banana, turkey sausage, coffee, water....
Snack: Half of an avocado on wheat toast (a dash of sea salt). SO DOG GONE YUMMY!
Lunch: Tuna on Romaine or just tuna salad with light mayo, onion, fresh herbs and hard boiled egg.
Snack: Berry Smoothie (see link for recipe)
Dinner: Roasted chicken, cabbage, and sweet potatoes

Starting Weight: 143 (see link)
Current Weight: 132

The narcissist in me really wants to be in the low 120's but I'd be satisfied with 125.  I'm only 5'2 (and three fourths!) so that would make me happy. Is this too much information? Just trying to keep it real.

Only Crazy People Pose For Pics Like This?
(Cover Up: Ann Mashburn, Sunglasses: Target)

Whatcha got up for the weekend? Any tips for keeping it tight?


p.s. the husband found out he inadvertently loss 15 pounds (with out even noticing or trying). i could scratch him:-)

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