Jun 12, 2013

What to Wear On your Next Play Date: Mommy Street Style

rugby shirt dress // canvas cooler tote // round frame glasses sunglasses
african beads necklace // ballet flat

I'm one of those moms who tries to look her best (i dont mean a prom gown) even on the play ground (I feel you judging me). I take all meetings with Sesame Street on in the background (that's what mute is for) or with a toddler on my lap (even in person). Its what I've always wished for. But when you are talking to toddlers all day it helps (my self esteem) to put on some blush and cute shoes. 

I actually have this dress from my favorite boutique (tar jay) and its super versatile. Its getting pretty hot here so I just shove the sleeves up. I also linked to Target Sunglasses because thats where I always cop mine. Until little people can stop chewing and throwing them, these are in my price range. Plus they are super cute:-) 

Someone PLEASE GIFT ME THIS BAG!! It is big enough for all of the madness that I need to have with me at all times (change of clothes, inhalers, graham crackers...) has a cooler on the bottom which I will most definately need for milk and sippy cups and bloody mary's!! 

Always the messy bun (with bangs) cause its easy and makes me feel like the ballerina I should have been.

Do you like to look cute on the playground or is it just me? Its okay, I wont tell anyone.


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