Jun 7, 2013

Guest Post By H {Fathers Day Gift Guide}

Guest post! So, Father's Day approaches. and last year was special. Munchkin gave me a special ticket to buy coffee. I didn't need anything else. Yah! She is my sweetheart.

Now, on to this year's requests..gifts...gifts...gifts...! Ha!


So, I realize that only half of these items are traditional grown up Dad items. I would actually wear this tie to meetings; use the kettle for my morning french press; pretend to read the Phil J book. 

The sneakers will see no running. See my previous guest post for an explanation. Ha! I will not be taking batting practice in the jersey but I loved Rickey as a kid. The jersey's only value would be for me to sit around the house in it watching the Rickey Henderson's 30 for 30 documentary on ESPN. Man of Steel shows real promise. Superman is my favorite of the old hero comics. Damn I miss Smallville! Spoiler.Alert Clark never truly flew in the series. Not flippin' once! I bought all 10 seasons anyway.  

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