Sep 22, 2013


Although that little stinker woke us up at 5 am and only went back down for 30 minutes before he decided to wake us all up for the day and H fibbed about how much milk was left in the fridge so he wouldn't have to make pancakes - we headed off to our favorite little cafe  for an early breakfast before church. Well actually, I sent H to the church house while The little one naps. We've been taking turns taking munchkin to the 10 am service while the other gets a quiet hour or so at home. So far it's working. And today I get to watch a little News Room and write some and take a deep breath after a successful tea party hosted by the little event company I started with a friend a bit ago.

There is a sink full of dishes, three baskets of clean laundry and no ones bed is made. NO MATTER. I'm feeling GRATEFUL. And I'd really like to hold on to that feeling. I'm learning to look past the clutter and see the good. Move past the interruptions and do good. And be grateful for what is good. Its not always easy.  But I'm going to work on that this week.

Today I am grateful for baby steps.
I am grateful for my little family.
I am grateful for good friends.
I am grateful for the peace of mind that I have today, and hope to hold on to that, and that it multiplies.

What are you GRATEFUL for?




Mimi said...

I am grateful for having sense enough to know that even when I fell a little out of sorts good times are just around the bend!

Yay for Bailey Blue's website!

Tanesha Woods said...

I must check out that little cafe and nice event co. I also do events and showers/make diaper cakes and such! I am grateful for inspiration, my son, and grape soda lol...I mean faith!

Carla said...

I'm grateful for my struggles because without them and without those sad, tough times, I wouldn't be as strong and .. well, grateful for everything that I have accomplished and everything that I have.


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