Sep 18, 2013


Please forgive me for going on and on about FALL. And its still a week or so away??!!! I know I have a problem.  It really is my FAVORITE. Its the prelude to all of the really fun holidays and gives me a reason to spruce up the place. The house just feels so warm and full during this time of the year. Unfortunately, I will probably carryon like this AT LEAST until Halloween:-(

I've been busy pinning and tucking ideas away. We will certainly be going to the pumpkin patch and I'm really looking forward to taking the kiddos to the County Fair this year. I should be off of my (failed attempts) sugar fast and be able to indulge in a candied apple and a funnel cake or two.

AHHH!! Cant wait!!

In the mean time here is Some Fall Inspiration:

My Fall Porch Pinspiration.
Some cool ideas for pumpkin carving.
Five ways to make your pumpkins live longer.
Some of my favorite recipes to whip up here, here, and here.
This delicious memory still sticks out in my mind oh and this one too.

Do you  have any plans or traditions during this time of year?


p.s. if you havent already check me out!! 

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Tanesha Woods said...

Yes its crisp air and chunky sweater time! I love fall because its not to cold/hot in addition to comfort foods and yummy bake treats! I am a cheerleader for football games but have no clue what the plays are lol! I love holidays and my son has his birthday in the fall! Falls festivals and the fair please in addition I would like to visit a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and apple orchard! Love your older post about hiding in bathroom(its real), I meant park picnics and pin porch ideas!

bunnie hilliard said...

hey! you and me both! i'm into football for the snacks.. that it!! hope you fall is going splendid so far!!

Carla said...

Please continue to talk about Fall. I cannot wait until the crisp air gets here. Louisiana is generally the last one to the Fall party. Unfortunately, I can't do all of the fun yard activities, but I do plan to decorate my balcony and hanging a Fall wreath this year.


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