Oct 1, 2013


Hello October!! Woot Woot!
We almost missed this (as the next day was the last), but so glad we were able to make it to the Fair this year!! Its the first time I've been since we moved to Atlanta 10 years ago. I used to go every year as a kid (and teenager) in Florida. It always came around Halloween so we'd go at night and it was so Magical (and spooky!)!! Please forgive the photo overload, but it was such a beautiful day. LOOK AT THAT SKY!! The weather was perfect - so we headed out right after munchkins ballet practice.

What a perfect way to kick off Fall!!

It was game day, so H made us get dressed in our best lucky colors - Go Irish!!

In hindsight, I realized that I didnt even get on any rides myself! Too busy wrangling these folks. I was too afraid to put little h on any rides. He's such a wiggle worm, and I thought he might abandon ship. No I'm sure he would. So I held him on the carousel (with the jaws of life) and around we went! We met up with some good friends so Andie had a partner (in crime) for the festivities. I must admit, I had alterior motives for wanting to take the kiddos this year. And I totally scored! Gah!! This is my problem. Total sugar addict. No really, I think I need some therapy or hypnosis or something. I found an old oreo at the bottom of my purse yesterday and I ate it. It was in a ziplock?!!

But I digress..

I hope you have all sorts of fun planned for the holidays. I think we are heading out to the pumpkin patch next weekend. I'm itching to get my fall porch ready and set.



Tanesha Woods said...

Awesomenes!!! Looks like fun and you look great as usual! I little H munchin a candy apple on IG! We usually go to the down in perry now in hampton, GA!!

Carla said...

Definitely a perfect day for the fair! Our state fair is coming in two weeks and I cannot wait. It's been a while since I've been and I think I'm more excited than my children. LOL!

And I'm ready to get my balcony ready for Fall as well as my door wreath. (:

bunnie hilliard said...

hey tanesha! slacking on my pippin? Not sure how I missed your comment. I'M SO SORRY! How far is Perry/Hampton? Cant go too far with this little people for now, but can't wait to venture out once they aren't so squirmy in the car!

bunnie hilliard said...

hey carla! i hope you are well!! i'm about to start working on a little wreath that hopefullyI can use ALL year!


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