Oct 3, 2013


Quick Question - I've been meaning to talk to you about this.

So I was riding in the car with one my mom friends  (who shall remain nameless) and she reached down in the car to fetch something from her purse.. I happened to glance over for a sec and to my shock and surprise (and CONFUSION) saw the cutest (animal print?) THONG sticking out of her jeans. My first thought was WHAT THE HAM SANDWICH!! IS THAT WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO BE WEARING??!! We are the same age, with kids the same age... My undergarments have not even closely resembled that in quite some time (except on very special occasion:-) she was just hanging out with me and the kiddos which suggests that this is a normal occurrence.

I remember very distinctly folding laundry with my grandmother (I was probably around 22) when she held up a pair of my underwear and asked how I managed to wear something that looked so uncomfortable. I assured her that they were indeed comfortable. And that I didn't even feel them. I'm wondering now, If I was LYING, or if my junk (in the trunk) was just much smaller then?? Because that is most certainly no longer the case.  And I'm sure I had every intention (back then) to go on to be one of those MILFs (okay MILKs) who wore sexy (matching) under garments just to keep it sexy for herself (and her beau).

Not quite.

Last weekend I had to have a friend re-take some pics of me because I realized you could see my underwear (over my jeans, under my shirt). Very bad.

I mean, I know I've talked about stepping up my game. And I have taken some steps in that direction. But I had no intention of taking it to that level - my goodness.  Now, I'm starting to question whether or not I'm missing out on something? Is my husband getting the short end of the stick? Can that really be comfortable?

Real Questions. Your thoughts? 

Random, I know:-/



Tanesha Woods said...

In a perfect world and I hear you!! I need to get my under garment life but I may nego the cute thong on a daily!! You and your grandmother lol! Don't feel guilty bc it might have been laundry week haha!

bunnie hilliard said...

Girl! YES LAUNDRY WEEK. I'm going with that. Whew!

Carla said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I love cute underwear. I feel cute in matching sets. And I doubt your husband will mind. (;


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