Oct 12, 2013


Originally this post was going to be about how to get great (the best possible) school pictures.. but since most have already gone through this process for this school year please file this away for future reference. I was doing a little organizing in my home office and ran across some school pictures that munchkin took last year in pre-k that left me feeling like I should have been a bit more prepared. Lets just say a black head band with a humongous flower made her look like she had no hair, and I put a tad way too much vaseline on her face which made her look like she had just finished eating a bag of greasy waffle fries (YUM). At any rate, I filed those pics away (instead of sending them out to the family) and took some notes for next time. I'll let you know how her school pics turned out!

In the mean time, we are gearing up to do some individual pics of the kids (with Our Labor of Love - YAY!! ) and family pictures and so I thought these tips might be equally useful (along with these). I mean professional photographs can be expensive! Not to mention they will be going up on walls and in photo albums. Just trying to give it my best (snap) shot. Ha!

Um, this little lady is flawless right? I wished any of my pictures turned out like this. I mean any pictures of me personally...But the moral of this picture is her (stinkin' cute) accessories. Dress it up a little. Pearls never go out of style an that head band makes a statement that will stand the test of time. Do it.

A little color goes a long way. And some contrast adds character. A bright sweater or contrasting tights would certainly do the trick. Be sure to pick items that are burst of color but YOUR KIDS style (i.e. preppy, bohemian, girly, rocker, etc).

Now this little guys has it all pulled together. And to top it all off. The smile. How many 100's of pics do you have to take to get the littles to look directly at the camera and smile at the same time. And I mean a good smile. Not the one where they look like they are showing their teeth to the dentist or had a mile stroke. I'm just saying. Practice. Say to them.. smile! Okay now a little less. Yes, just like that. now do it again.  YES!!

This advice goes for grow ups a well as the littles. I think I'm a bit out of practice and could stand to brush up on my smize.

That is all. Hope this helps someone:-)


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