Nov 28, 2013


I have a confession to make. I have never had pumpkin pie. As a matter of fact. I dont think I've ever tasted a pumpkin or had pumpkin anything (maybe a pumpkin spice latte)?? I'm a sweet potato girl. From the South so I guess that's just how I was raised. Additionally, although we are going over to a friends for Thanksgiving, I am insisting on making an entire Thanksgiving Feast. I prepped everything yesterday and am ready to get this party started at 5:30 a.m. Oddly, I'm kinda excited about it. I guess that's just how I was raised too. So I'll be basting, and baking, and roasting today and thinking of my family back home and my little family here in Atlanta... and how THANKFUL I am for really just everything.  

Munchkin got her first "report card" and her marks were stellar. Yes I'm bragging:-/ You would have thought I was opening her SAT scores, I was so nervous, HA! As a reward for being such a good student, and listener at school, H is taking her and a couple of her chums to see Disneys' FROZEN and have some frozen treats next door at the Johnny Rockets:-)

H is doing SO WELL at work. He's getting good marks too:-) and I am SUPER proud of him:-) I wonder what type of reward I should give him?

And this little h. Such a handful, and I mean it. Boys are something different. You can usually find me running behind him in various places around town. "Who's little boy is this?" I hear in the distance as I catch up out of breath and round the corner. I thank GOD for his active, inquisitive, terrible, terrificness.

We are all healthy. Not too many sniffles and fevers and such. I know that sounds trivial, when there are people fighting so  much more. But for now, and for us, we are well. Which reminds me to pray for healing for everyone who needs it.

I am continuing to make this house our home. Little by little, I am transforming every little nook and cranny and making our mark on our special place.

I LOVE this pic of me and the munchkin. Can I say that??!! Part of some family photos a friend took of us a a couple of weeks ago.  I think she has my cheeks but thats about it:-) I'm certain I gave birth to her though. 20 years from now it will be classic right?

Last year, my family came to town and we were doing this and this (quick and easy place cards)!! And this year we'll be nibbling and watching the Macy's Parade and then heading over to spend time being thankful for GOOD FRIENDS.

The babes are up, coffee in hand... Let the Games Begin!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Come and see what we are up to over on Instagram and such.. I'd love to see what you are up to too!!

P.S. A very special birthday wish to my Me-Ma whom I miss very much and cant wait to see at Christmas!

Me Ma's are the bestest!


Regina Gi-Gi Powell said...

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks SO MUCH GiGi! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for your inspiration and encouragement:-)


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