Dec 11, 2013



So we had a friend of a friend who took some pretty cute photos of her family come over to the house and take a few of our little clan. Inspired by the Obama family photos over the last few years, I've tried to make a tradition of having photos taken at the house in the fall. I'm looking forward to looking back on them in 20 years and remembering that time in our family home. I actually ended up using Shutterfly this year instead of Tiny Prints which we've used in the past. They both have really great options so it took me a few days to drool over them all and pick out just the right layout and pic to use.

We haven't sent out cards in the last two years, so Im really excited about sending these out to our friends and family. Love LOVE getting Christmas Cards in the mail.

I like to put adhesive magnets on the back of our cards so that folks can stick them on the fridge and don't had to figure out a place to hang at least one of the cards.

 Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from that misty day.

Not to dampen the mood, but a few of the pictures (not shown) highlighted some things that I did not know were happening from behind (me). Some extra lumps and bumps and curves. I'm all for curves and a little junk in the trunk. But in the right places. And these unfortunately were not. So I'm looking into a little gym around the corner so I can get a jump start on burning off a few calories. In the mean time notes to self: Do not wear form fitting dress in family photos.

We've booked our little house on the beach for the summer with some friends and I plan on looking high school skinny. But first - to get rid of the trough of Christmas Cookies I commandeered from the Trader Joes…

Hope you are enjoying the holidays so far!


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