Dec 13, 2013



I thought I'd kick off the 12 Days of Christmas with a tour of how we've decked the halls around here.  We usually pick up our tree from our fave Tree Lot in the city the day after Thanksgiving if we are in town and not visiting with relatives in Florida or North Carolina. So we did! And we've been sprucing up the place and hanging this and that over the last couple of weeks and now comes the real fun. Popcorn, and hot chocolate and Christmas movies and roaring fires GALORE. I LOVE decorating for the holidays (I wish I could leave it up all year..).  The house just looks so festive and full! We threw out some of our old dusty faux holly, but overall I love a tree thats full of handmade ornaments by the munchkins and one's we've collected over the years - pulling in some new garnet and gold (GO NOLES!) frills to make it all look polished and pretty:-)

I think this is my favorite ornament. It was given to us by a friend the year we got married and is a music box (ball?) Oh dear, that's a reflection of me and my cell phone in the ornament? ha!

Simple and easy touches here and there. a few wreaths, some garland.. paper whites for the tables.. our felt snow flake place mats, and jingle bells on the door!

The holidays just conjure up so many great memories from my childhood (like that mound of "icicles/tinsel" we used to throw on the tree!!) and the time that H and I have celebrated our lives together . And I am working overtime to create new memories of our little family for years to come. 

The kids and I are headed over to a friends to make gingerbread houses (and have tomato soup and grilled cheese sammies) tonight. Oh and the mammas will jammin to a private listening/viewing party featuring this new BEYONCE iTunes album. Copped it this morning saving it for tonight….Woot Woot - YES!

What fun are you getting into this weekend?


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