Dec 16, 2013


18month old christmas list


Its funny.. I asked him what his name was and he said.. B-u-u-d-d-i-e-e-e.. That's what I call him most time. Bud! Buddy!! And that he is.. mommy's little buddy. I'm thinking that he might have an inkling of whats happening this time around on Christmas. He is a year and a half now and gets quite excited in the toy section of the store and estatic when he sees he train table at our visits to the Barnes and Nobles. Which is why I'm super excited to get him his very first train set this year!! We got one for Andie when she was a toddler and have since lost all the pieces as a result of her lackluster interest. I spotted this Brio set at our last visit to our favorite little place for toys and books (and clothes and everything in between) the Seed Factory.

We are on our second session at The Music Class which little h LOVES! He and his sister both are quite rhythmic and musical. Munchkin is quite the graceful dancer and song writer and little h can clap and sing with the best of them. Biased maybe? We love Plan Toys around here, so I think this little drum will be a nice addition and maybe just the beginning for my budding Pop Stars:-)

My bud loved Peek A Who so much that it has been ripped in half. It started out as an old copy of the munchkins, so I'm hoping he is as excited as I am to see it replaced.

My plan is to be SUPER organized in the new year with work and play. I'm planning on logging some serious learn and play time with little h and these Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles.

We like The Little People . Munchkin had a little family and a toy house that we will be adding to with these guys and their bus. Honestly I was looking for some brown people to add to the crew. Little h is really digging "The Wheels on the Bus" song right now, so I'm already chuckling at the thought of this pulling up in front of the house - HA!

The kids get 5 things from their list including some new winter clothes. They have both gotten bigger and longer over the year so I've scoured the web for tights and scarves and hats and sweaters that fit and to keep them warm (and SO CUTE) over the next few months - Gap Kids has had some awesome deals over the last few weeks.

I'm thinking this is a pretty perfect list for my new toddler (or yours) boy. He is super smart and inquisitive and I can't wait to see his little eyes fall out on the floor when  he sees what Santa left for him:-)

Anything you'd add to this list?


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