Jan 16, 2014


thats me in the pink circa 2010 with my one of my besties jillian. 
look at my how taut my arms are. my clavicle. - yes! 

I put on 50 pounds with the little boy. And these last 15 have been stubborn as hell. Now granted I ate a handful of  honey Teddy Grahams yesterday, and shoved two big spoonfuls of rocky road in my mouth before bed the night before, so I realize I have some responsibility in the matter. 

So I was having a conversation with a mama friend of mine the other day, and I was going on about how I just wanted to get fit and healthy.. I've joined a gym (and am going very regularly) and am declaring to change my perspective for the long haul so that in 20 years, I'd be fit and could go hiking and climbing and bike riding with my kids and grand kids…

and I could see her glazing over and then she said. Look I just want to look good naked. I want people to look at me and go, " yes, that's the size i want to be." Ha! and I thought to myself. SO TRUE. She's just keeping it real. So If I was keeping it real, I would say:

I'd like my thighs not to rub together.
I'd like to be the skinny friend again.
I'd like to not be addicted to sugar (and yummy, soft, buttery bread).
I'd like to see my clavicle. It makes me feel better.
I would like to not have to buy bigger clothes (and wearing any old maternity wear doesn't count)

Honestly, I just want to look good in a swim suit, and fit into my skinny jeans. And I would like to do that for the next twenty years.  So I am trying to create some good habits now, so I don't have to keep coming back to this place.

Count down time. Its a new year and  Spring Break and summer vacation are looming. I've booked my rental on the beach and now it's time to get serious. 

In the past a mix of The South Beach Diet and The Atkins Diet really did the trick. I lost about 15 pounds a bit after I had munchkin - perfect!

Lean Meats, Fruits, and Veggies for two weeks (and then add back in healthy grains after that).  They will be the longest two weeks of my life and if anyone can please give me a scripture to meditate on so I don't go into sugar addict HANGRY (hungry and angry) shock I will seriously owe you.

In addition to cutting bad carbs and junk food, my plan is to

Drink Lemon water in the morning (its said to increase your metabolism)
and 8 -10 glasses of water.
Get on the treadmill 5-6 times a week. I'm already two weeks in and I've taken two days off.
Meal Planning so I don't do a nose dive into the snack cabinet (i am not clearing out the snack cabinet) will be key.

I'm so nervous:-/

Do you have any weight loss goals for the year? Whats your plan of attack. HELP. ME. PLEASE.

any takers?



Jaime said...

I want to be skinny again too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I'm thinking of following the Clean Eating lifestyle and more vegan/vegetarian meals. Really, I need to work out more and drop the baaaaaaaad food. I am a terrible eater!

PS That food was fugly but delicious! LOL
Thanks for coming by!

FabulousLIVES said...

Standing walking date on Saturday mornings?

Mimi said...

I certainly don't want to be skinny. Been that all of my life. I do however want to be healthy with a little meat on my bones. I have to figure out how to make that happen.

bunnie hilliard said...

yes! i totally took that for granted in my skinny twenties.. i eat really healthy meals, but my snacking habits are atrocious. lets pray for each other - ha!

bunnie hilliard said...

yes! are you going to join the SNAP FITNESS? My friend Joy has been meeting me there on Saturday and Sundays. You should total join us! When it warms up a bit outside I'll be ready to hit the streets!

bunnie hilliard said...

yes - mimi. i want to be YOUR size:-)


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