Jan 23, 2014


Happy Thursday!

This isn't the post I had planned to share today, but then I got an email that lead me to an article that inspired me to stop and think, about this.  I had never heard of Darling Magazine before. So I'm super excited to stalk and be inspired by the loveliness over there.  Perfectly curated and inspiring pages and articles that focus on the ART OF BEING A WOMAN.  Style, Intellect, Entertaining, Exploring, Beauty - Yes, DARLING... I'm totally smitten.

One of topics inspired me to stop and consider what makes me happy RIGHT NOW. The little things. Not what will make me happy (like when I lose this last 15 pounds ) but reveling in the everyday moments that I can and do find joy in. So I stopped and just started writing. I actually came up with more than ten. But these came the easiest.  You should try it.  Don't think about it too hard. Quickly list the things (even the littlest moments) that you LOVE RIGHT NOW.

Here is my list:

1. Being on the dance floor doing my best Beyonce impression (last night, I did that.).

2. A good hard, deep, tear inducing laugh.

3.  Ugg Boots - No Socks

4. New Specs..

5. Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Cracked Pepper.

6. When hubs comes home from the office early.

7. Freshly manicured brows. Mine.

8. A sweat inducing run/listening to my favorite jams.

9. Waking up after 7 on the weekend and both kids are still asleep. Not sure that has every happened, but a girl can dream?

10. A new episode of Parenthood. I LOVE THAT SHOW.

You try it! If you decide to share, please make sure to tell me where!


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