Jan 14, 2014



Life has been a little challenging lately as these two are not sleeping very much..

On the 30th buddy decided to climb out of his crib so we converted his crib to have the toddler rail which means that he gets up pretty much every hour and comes into our room. We just politely walk him back into his room and he gets back into his bed no problem. Apparently he takes a short nap and then decides to come visit us again.

Although munchkin has been doing much better over the last couple of days, she's has jumped in on the party and keeps visiting us through the night as well. I've tried everything I can think of (chocolate usually works for me). But it seems that threatening to cancel our summer beach trip has done the trick (don't judge me). I'M SLEEPY!!

So yes, it seems that these two are a little team. I was worried with having them so far apart and even the boy/girl thing would hinder them having a playful and close relationship. But she is such a good big sister. She loves to read to him and take him on rides (now don't get me wrong, she also locks him out of her room and tells him to leave her stuff alone!). 

I didn't witness it, but it seems that over the weekend he gave up coming into our room and decided to go into his sisters room and get in bed with her instead.. AWWWW! He can keep doing that I as far as I'm concerned if that means I can sleep a little later).

As part of our new routine now that school is back in session if it is warm enough to wear a hat and scarf and be okay we make sure to hang outside for a bit until snack time. It makes the afternoon go by more quickly and less time to turn the t.v. on which I'm really trying to keep to a minimal these days.

In an effort to make good on my goal of taking and printing more pictures I've been leaving the camera out on the counter and in high traffic areas and taking it with me in the car as much as possible so that I can pic it up and snap whenever the moment hits.  Maybe its because I'm the middle child but there aren't a whole lot of pics of me as a kid?!

I really ant to make sure I capture these moments. I know its corny, but this is such a magical time. Watching them grow and learn. Teaching them and helping them. Building this little family is my life's work and I don't want to miss a thing.

So to make good on my goal of taking and printing more pictures i've decided to join a little challenge of sorts. I was motivated by Lesley and Mimi and will be hitting print on these pictures in iPhoto, and putting them in our family photo album for the year.

I joined a little late, hence the combination of week 1 and 2 (these are pics i've taken over the last two weeks). I plan to do this every week. So today's the 14th and I'll be back on the 21st for week 3.

I'd love it if you'd join me. We can watch EACH OTHER GROW this year!



Kita said...

I did not realize you had a blog goodness. Let me bookmark right now. I joined in on the 365 challenge pray for me. Loving the pictures and I have so many pictures of me as a baby.....but I barely have any of the kids so these challenges are making me step my game up.

bunnie hilliard said...

ha! yes! are you an only child? i'm just saying those only children or the first get all the pics! HA! THANK YOU FOR CHECKING ON US OVER HERE!!


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