Feb 4, 2014


look at that smile! (his not mine). a friend snapped this on their phone the other night at a private wine tasting. SO MUCH FUN. Note to self: please eat a full meal before tasting six almost full glasses of wine. You may end up at Noni's pretending to be Beyonce'?!
I'd like to do a series on hot dates, play dates, and pretty parties. While I have a plethora of the latter going on, making time to actually date my husband has unfortunately taken a back seat to the social calendar of the littles. And with no relatives in town, getting a baby sitter can be both a daunting and expensive task. The thing is, I still think he's pretty sexy. And he still has the best smile I've seen - which is what mesmerized me about him in the first place. So I've we've made a real attempt over the last few months to make sure we do the grown up thing at least once or twice a month. We have a standing date night with a some other couple friends once a month and then we try and have a night out on the town ourselves when there is a good movie out or a new restaurant we'd like to try .

But what I look forward to most is our "every day dates". Most nights after we do the Huxtable Hilliard Hustle (feed, bathe, read stories and shove tuck these kids into bed), we give each other the "look" that says, "You grab the root beer and I'll grab the popcorn (or an orange and some water?)" and for an hour (before we pass out from the exhaustion of the day) we binge watch our favorite shows together."

See the thing is, watching our favorite shows together, gives us snuggle time, time to be close to each other and helps us to remember why we fell in love in the first place. Laughing and cracking jokes. Ribbing each other with our "inside jokes." Making sure we relax and connect together is very helpful when our days are filled with such craziness.

What we are watching now:

The Bachelor - yes, I convinced him to watch this with me. Its quite comedic. We are both a bit sarcastic so, it makes for some fun conversation. Who wouldn't fall in love on an exotic island, on a private yacht (with 10 other girls waiting in bikinis on the beach) COME ON!!!

Game of Thrones - We are re-watching the last season. The new season is coming up here soon, so we want to make sure we are fully informed and don't miss a thing. WINTER IS COMING: and we can't wait.

Old favorites you should make sure you try:

The Wire - gritty, suspenseful, heart wrenching, villains you can't help but love and hate. YES.

Sex and The City - I've got the complete series, every now and then we dust these off and have the great "Carrie and Big Debate."

Next Up:
House of Cards - I've heard great thing about this, and they won tons of awards last season. Not to mention we are both big Kevin Spacey fans.

Breaking Bad - I heard so many great things about this show, but havent been able to get into it. Going to give it another try here soon.

Orange is the New Black We watched the first season and LOVED it. Waiting for its return.


What I wish he would get into:

Downton Abbey - Self Explanatory

Boardwalk Empire - I honestly can't believe he won't watch this?!! Gangsters, History, Steve Buscemi, Chalky White/Omar?!!THE BEST SHOW EVER.

I know - television is not the most intellectual way to interact, but we do get our PBS special on every now and again:-)

What are you guys watching? What have you convinced your guy or girl to watch with you?


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