Feb 1, 2014


Our old leather sofa is on its last leg. And not in the supple worn-in charming way...We got it for our first apartment when we were married and it has withstood many a movie night and tv binge/snuggle session, along with being trampled on by two toddlers at this point. Its time to replace it and I have been scouring magazines and Pinterest to come up with some NEW SOFA inspiration and just really breathe some fresh air into our family room.   Its been a work-in-progress from the beginning, and a new sofa will be just the jump start I need to finish this long over due project.

Although I'm drawn to bright colored sofa's (mustard yellow, kelsey green) I don't think I'm brave enough to commit. But pops of color yes!

My plan is to pull in lots of very personal touches - mementos from family trips, family photos and keep sakes - Not just a bunch of random pretty things, that I went out and bought from my favorite stores. Definitely some of those things though:-) Carefully curated collection of pieces of our lives over the last eight  err... eleven years (so eloquent ahh!!).

It will be baby steps to get the space just right, But heres the plan off attack:

Sophisticated but Kid Friendly add: COLOR, TEXTURE, PLANTS, PERSONAL ITEMS.

Modern and Classic Sofa something somewhat darker colored with a durable fabric. Ive been drooling over this Reese Sofa or Sectional at Room and Board and this Crosby Sofa or Sectional at West Elm and even considering something like this carmelly yumminess.

Punchy Pillows
I'm thinking classic prints like, stripes, polka dots, and or chevron. And maybe something cable knit and I really like this "Stay a While" canvas pillow I found on etsy.

Natrual Wood Credenza/TV Console
I'd like a new TV as well - we've been waiting on our giant 10+ year old to die, to no avail. I've been considering giving little h real baseballs to play with inside? In the mean time, H and I scoped this low console, and really liked it. I could probably save some space (and money) by putting the television over the fire place?

Photo Gallery Wall 
I'd love to frame some quotes from old love letters emails between H and I and add in a wedding pic, new born pics of the babes, and some travel photos. Something streamlined like in the 2nd pic above.

This Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a must.  See how LOVELY it looks in a room here. I actually picked one up some months back from Ikea and didn't take very good care of it -gone. Going to give it another whirl. I know they also have them at Lowes and Home Depot very reasonably priced.

Okay, So I think this is a good plan right? Check out the rest of some of my favorite finds and inspiration here on Pinterest..

What do you think about the TV over the fireplace? Sofa or Sectional? Do you have any advice? I'd love to follow your home decor boards on Pinterest just tell me where!


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Mimi said...

I've had a sectional and while comfy I think it limits the seating space. I think it depends on the functionality of it. Make sure to get it scotch guarded! Can't wait to see what you decide on.

bunnie hilliard said...

Scotch Guard. YES! thanks for the tip!


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