Jan 29, 2014


I picked up my camera to sift through the photos to see what I had snapped during the week - empty. The iPhone - nada. What in the world happened?!

And then there was this - SNOW!

Just in the nick of time and and a pleasant and welcome surprise on yesterday. Mostly. This little winter storm brought Atlanta to its knees, literally.  I had just put h. down for a nap when it all started. I had joked with H on the phone that morning that I'd let munchkin sleep at the school before I woke him up from a nap to pick her up early. Sadly, some people were stranded and really did have to sleep at schools all night.  As for us, as soon as we hung up H saw flurries and decided to work the rest of the day from home and hurried over to pick the munchkin up from Kindergarten (and dinner and firewood) and made it home just before all hell broke loose in the city.

Although the kiddos were able to bundle up and take advantage of the snow day we had been hoping for. I was heartbroken and very prayerful for those who were stuck in gridlock traffic in the cold trying to get to their families.

Last night I was SUPER GRATEFUL FOR JUST THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE. Shelter, Heat, Warm Clothes, Food, Peace of Mind.  I was also encouraged and proud of all of the Atlanta residents that lent a helping hand and welcomed people into their homes and businesses to get out of the cold and have something warm to eat and drink for the night.

I've been calling this Project 52 "Making Memories". And that we did. This is one we are sure not to forget, for more reason than one.


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