Mar 20, 2014


Happy Spring! 

I'm running on fumes over here. Munchkin had a repeat of Strep. The amoxicillin didn't work. Days at home with sick and demanding daughter. Little boy who likes to be physically attached to me at all times. Disney's Frozen on repeat. Playing musical beds at night. Its all a blur. I had so many plans to be productive this week. Not even close… Yesterday I did not even take my pajamas off. I do not remember brushing my teeth (too much info?) This is all I could muster up. These are from last week. I pulled out the camera to get a good shot of Ave for this birthday photo card invite. We will be celebrating the day before Easter with an Egg Hunt!

Yes! Mommy's little chocolate bunny is turning two!!  All kinds of mischief around these parts... 


P.S. I've started doing ribbons in munchkins hair (instead of headbands) I think this is going to be her new "big girl" look?!!

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