Mar 17, 2014


I think everyone's seeds have sprouted but mine?! In the mean time, I'm day dreaming of spring and summer days spent watering and watching (and eating) from the little garden I'm working on with the kiddos. Munchkin in I used to spend half the afternoon planting, and watering, and pruning... I must admit this is my 3rd or 4th planting season and I still feel like a novice. But I'm always determined to give it the old college try and see what goodies I can grow and eat! As per usual my goal is to drum up exactly what I need to eat chips and salsa all day every day. So tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro (among other herbs)…

This time around I've ordered a copy of GARDEN ANYWHERE (Alys Fowler).  Armed with my Amazon Prime it should be here just in time for me to get in a few chapters before the weekend.

Next up: Currently drooling over this (gardening) bag and new tools. I will definitely need a new trowel and these little herb snips (Tony's old rusty shovel and pruners just won't do this time around).

Welcoming all tips and advice on getting this party started!


P.S. My friend Cathy came to the munchkin's book club last summer with that bag - and now I must have it. For more reason than one...

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