Mar 24, 2014


Spring planting is in full swing around here. I think I over did it with the seeds. Its taking a bit longer that I anticipated.. At any rate, I've been daydreaming of new tools and stocking up on the proper references and most of my seeds are planted. 

Hoping the weather will be nice and I'll have enough soil to finish things up this coming weekend. In the mean time, I've been sprucing up my little corner on the side of the house where I'm all set up. We've been spending a little time after school every day getting things done. Munchkin helped me put these plant markers together. They turned out so cute, I wanted to share!

What you need: 
Extra Fine Chalk Ink Marker
Paint brush

Super easy. Just paint both sides while holding one end. Taking care to get the edges all the way around. Once you've given them two good coats let it dry before go back and paint the end you were holding. Once they are dry, use your chalk board pen to write. 


You will use this chalk board paint for SO MANY THINGS. I've painted a kids table, a menu board.. I  use it for all sorts of things. And the pen too. I'm just saying, you will definitely use it for more than this project if you don't already have one its worth adding to your craft stash.

I'll admit, I've been doing this for the last few years, and have only gotten a few tomatoes a couple of peppers and bushels upon bushels of herbs.  Crossing my fingers for a glorious and bountiful harvest this year.

Do have a favorite gardening book or tips you could share? 



D.Ellease Sawyer said...

I am doing this project this weekend. So Im going to try my hand at my patio garden (again). Im not traveling for work anymore so I should be able to maintian them. I'm not starting the herbs from seeds, I'm buying them already in the pot thingy's. With that being said, do I need a box/tin (the one you have in the pic showing the sprouts), or can I just sit them out on the patio? I want the area to look cute though.

bunnie hilliard said...

Hi! Those galvanized pots are purely for aesthetics! Although depending on how big they get you may outgrow the little pots they come in. Try IKEA or dollar tree for cute an inexpensive . Or Walmart/Target even. Would live to see what you end up with !!


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