Apr 7, 2014


Please forgive the interruption. Lost my rhythm a bit the last few weeks. Seems like just when you think you've got it all figured out, "up early, private time, get dressed, wake kids, make breakfast, pack lunch… boom, boom, WOOT WOOT! SUPER MOMMY!! Nope.

At any rate.. I've been working on a couple of parties over the last few weeks, one of which is LITTLE H's!!  Woo Hoo! Somebunny's turning two! Birthdays are like Christmas around here. We decorate and have lots of sweets and we try and come up with something special to give to celebrate the big day! A year older, wiser?

I'm so proud of my big boy. He's been amazing us lately by learning to do things on his own, recognizing the alphabet and counting and playing pretend. Not that there is anything wrong with a boy wearing a pink robe or singing the score to Disney's Frozen, or playing pretend with Barbie's, H and I think its time for a few of his own things (instead of borrowing his sisters).

I'm no toy minimalist. There is plenty to play with around here. We do our best to teach them to be grateful for what they have (although I'm not sure that's going very well). We hand down toys to the little one and donate things we've out grown or don't get much play. I instituted a chore chart (that I hope to share soon) last week that I'm hoping will help to teach the oldest about money and responsibility. I also regularly threaten to put all of the toys in a garbage bag and haul them out of here if they can't find something to play together instead of fighting over the toilet paper roll.

and there was my attempt to relieve myself of any guilt associated with buying more toys.


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