Apr 21, 2014


I can sometimes be a major procrastinator. I will clean out my car instead of working on something I know I should be getting out of the way. My to do list is starting to get wrinkles and gray hair. I have a few big goals I'm working on and I'm starting to feel like If I don't kick into high gear NOW, I never will.

Over the last few days I've decided to set a deadline and really FOCUS. Not the easiest thing to do when your toddler is learning to talk and says "mama" no less than a bah zillion times a day. But I'm determined to give it my very best shot over the next 21 days. I follow an old high school classmate who created an awesome initiative for just a time as this.  How fitting that when I looked down at the calendar this morning the date was the 21st. Confirmation.

the plan: Early to rise, and at least two hours at night.

the little things:
wash my face at night. drink way too much water during the day. take my vitamins. get the munchkins hair braided for the week. get the kids things ready for school the night before. checking these little things off my list will boost my confidence and energy and free up the time and energy I need to focus on my goals in the morning (before the kids wake) and at night (after everyone is in bed).

the big things:
Start each day with a scripture and prayer. Asking God for vision and diligence and opportunity, and FOCUS. I have a tendency to have a bah zillion ideas and be all over the place. During this time I will set one goal each day that will lead me to accomplishing a weekly goal.

is there anything you need to focus on? will you join me in my goal? lets  do it! #FOCUS21



FabulousLIVES said...

Thanks for this...I just had this as a mental thought this am. Going to put pen to paper and create space and plan in order to be successful at seeing my goal through.

Mimi said...

I always need focus. I can easily get off track. I've started writing down the task at hand and I can't move on until I've done that. I often have to look back down at the paper to remind myself of what I should be doing. I'm hoping practice makes perfect. I am finding it is much better to spend 1 hour devoted to something than 10 min here and there!

bunnie hilliard said...

yes! right after I posted this i came down with a stomach virus - YIKES! pulling myself up by the boot straps and getting back at it. it can get hard to stay motivated and diligent with so many outside factors pulling your attention away. i'm in search of some daily inspiration/motivation to keep my head in the game!

bunnie hilliard said...

so true! i'm going to give that a try mimi!


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