Apr 18, 2014


How dare i mention Good Friday and Easter Eggs in the same sentence?! For shame. Unfortunately I am a Christian who LOVES to celebrate Pagan holidays. Elf on a Shelf at Christmas… yep. Happy Halloween!! And Ressurrection Day wouldn't be complete without a good ole EGG HUNT!! I'm having a few folks over tomorrow to celebrate Easter and Avery's 2nd birthday!! But before we embark on the great hunt we'll all sit down to decorate some eggs. I'm so excited about adding those Gold Leaf Markered eggs to the mix. I'll be breaking out the silver and gold and metallic pastel Sharpies! I love a new twist on an old tradition. I've been using this Gold Leaf Marker for EVERYTHING. So its on my list to restock on my next trip to the craft store! I'm sure I will be posting a bah zillion pictures on Instagram so follow me if you are interested in chocolate bunnies and my peeps (literally and figuratively).

any big plans for Easter Weekend?


P.S. I won't be going to church either. GASP! Something about the standing room only service and the 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot that lures me into playing hooky. I will be there bright and early on the 27th! Our last Sunday in the Middle School building we've been meeting in for the last few years while raising money to build a church. I think my young, innovative, humble pastor and Church are AWESOME. And I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. I am hoping the new nursery will be up and running soon so H and I can go to church together instead of taking turns with Andie. Little h has to stay at home until he can learn to sit still. In the mean time, Sunday morning play dates with his little best bud (and Dancing Goats and the Playground) until we are ALL ready. I'm looking forward to worshipping together as a family.

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