Apr 10, 2014


Are you watching Game of Thrones?!! Well it is back in its fourth season and better than ever!! I'm a sucker for period (like) films and shows and if there are swords and bloody battles - I'm hooked. I must have watched Gladiator (Mel Gibson) a kajillion times. If you are not familiar, these guys are duking it out to claim the title and the Throne and the secrets and truths and lust and lies keep me anxiously tuning in to HBOGO every week.

All of the ladies of GoT are amazing and no one can deny that Khaleesi (Mother of Dragons - not shown) is quite the bad ass but my dear Margaery..

I've been impressed with this one from the start. Stylish, Clever, Beautiful and Determined (to be Queen)... Perfectly poised to keep that tyrannical Disney prince (Joffrey) in his place *rolls eyes*... The big wedding is next Sunday and I hear it is grand and magical and not to be missed!

Yep. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Who is your favorite Game of Thrones character?!

More about Margaery here:


p.s. this girls impression of the mother of dragons made me snort.

p.s.s. Trying to blog from my phone at the moment. Hope this doesn't turn out ok wonky:-/


Lynn Conner said...

girl I'm with u on this ALL the way!!!
i JUST started watching from beginning a week ago. i love it i am so hooked got ALL episodes recorded could stay up for days watching if i didn't have a little one!!!

bunnie hilliard said...

yes lyyn! i LOVE binge watching a show. after everyone is asleep, i curl up and watch until i fall asleep:-)


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