Apr 17, 2014


Fishing with the folks at Fort Clinch (Fernadina Beach, FL) Spring Break 2014

I've been channeling my Norma Arnold lately (after recently binge-watching the Wonder Years on Netflix). I recently read an article discussing the quest for perfect parenting and living a "Pinterest Worthy" life. Not excluding being a baking, crafting, decorating DIY maniac all in an effort to raise happy and constantly culturally curated kids (that was a mouthful). When if you really think about it (or it least when i do) my parents never even played with me (that I can remember), let alone made a 15 layer chocolate cake with matching aprons. But what I do remember is going down to Daytona Beach, staying in the Days Inn (and wondering how in the hell my mom ever got any sleep with my dad snoring that loudly), watching my dad fish and really just doing nothing except being together as a family. I felt safe, and loved, and lucky (no idea that the Days Inn was not the magical fortress I thought it was). I'm relieved to come to this realization (about life and re Days Inn;-). Maybe now I can cut myself some slack. And just enjoy being their mom. And even enjoy being myself without feeling like I'm scarring them for life or taking away any of the joys of being young and learning all you can. Because they will do just that. Whether we bake the cake together from scratch or just watch Nigella do it on TV (just this once).

did you do anything fun for spring break?


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