May 5, 2014


This weekend was super busy and fun and HOT. Temperatures are rising here in Atlanta. And I for one am ready to put the coats and jackets away and stay out side for a while. After ballet Saturday while little h was napping at home with Tony, we snuck over to the Seed Factory (our have kids boutique) and hung out with the gals of Eclectica Kiddo for some mommy and me time. 

Eclectica Kiddo makes super awesome wood panel and canvas framed kid art. So perfect for kids rooms and play spaces.

Rachel (the owner of Seed Factory) is one of my fave people. We had the pleasure of meeting her when this little squirt was still in my belly. She so expertly helped us pick out the perfect Oeuf crib that we're now using for little h. And she is a super awesome person and mama!

This one gets it from her mama. We love a crafty project. They provided hand stitched craft bags to decorate and sent us home with a cool little garland too!

We even ran into fellow mama blogger Maria! We got a sec to catch up on mama stuff and snap a quick pic!

SO. MUCH. FUN. Thanks so much for having us Seed Factory! We'll take any excuse to come in to the store:-)


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you! Aaron carries his bag EVERYWHERE now.

bunnie hilliard said...

yes! great to run into you again! we will have to make sure to do that on purpose soon!


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