Jun 20, 2014


Recognize those shopping carts? Ahh… Yes..  Back where it all began.. At least for this one.  Starbucks and a double shopping cart ride (while you catch up on the week and pick up necessities with your mama friend) can make for a fun and life saving little play date:-) This pic also here.

Listen its hard out there for a pimp mama. And if you are new to this whole mama thing.. trust me - Its much easier when you have cohorts to commiserate celebrate with. My long time friends and I are all in different celebratory life stages and phases, so I didn't have a built in network.

Picky eaters, potty training, preschool.. sleep training, tantrums (yours and thiers), and sleep training again..  Someone to bounce ideas, and woes, and concerns off of - you'll need that. Believe me you will need a place (and someone to talk to besides Jesus) when the poop hits the fan, literally and figuratively.. Which is why I'm writing this post. Just in case you need a little help getting your momtourage together.

Here's my story:

So one day me and the munchkin girl (she was about 7 months old) and I were sitting in a pizza joint on a Thursday afternoon having lunch together when another mom  (with a larger group of moms and kiddos) seeing the desperation and sleep deprivation in my eyes came over and asked me to join them. She invited me to the next meeting of the breastfeeding support group they were a part of - and the rest is history. These awesome mommas helped me through some really tough times.. and I'm sure I'd have a lot less hair if it weren't for them.

Although I  am still close friends with the mama's and babies from that group from way back when, I found myself in a similar situation as little h is almost 4 years younger. So I decided to be more proactive this time around..

This one (in the pic with h) we literally picked up in the Target parking lot. I sized that little cutie up in his shopping cart.. yes, he looks about the right age.. Excuse me! He's so cute! How old is he? Oh yes, I have one of those too! we should get together for a play date! Here's my (mommy) card! They are now the best of buds.. and his momma is super sweet and awesome (and they live 3 minutes from my house WOOT!!!).

Some stalking Friending Techniques (and places) that I've found helpful.

-Your neighborhood Target : great moms think alike. And if you're shopping at the same Target chances are you live pretty close, which makes it a lot easier to get together.

-Playground: literally a happy hour for moms and kids.

-Meetup.com: search for moms groups in your area.

-Hospital/Newborn/Breastfeeding Support Group: call or check your local hospital website for classes or groups.

-Facebook: a quick status update inquiring about moms in your area with kids in a particular age range.

How did you make your mommy friends?


p.s. speaking of flashback fridays.. thanks to netflix, i've now engrossed myself in watching Dawnson's Creek reruns in the middle of the night..  In hindsight.. Dawson was kind of a little jerk? And Jen's hair went WAY wrong once she lobbed it off.. I'm not sure I can make it past Season 2.. Way too much teenage angst.  But in the mean time #TeamPacey How about you?


wande said...

Bunnie- your blog is one of the few I still read and I used to read so many. You keep things way real and I love that. You are also a fantastic writer, no fillers here, all awesome content.

bunnie hilliard said...

i think you are such an awesome person, so you know that means a lot (to me) coming from you. thank you SO MUCH for being such an encourager. it is truly one of your many GOD GIVEN gifts..


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