Aug 6, 2014


I'm obsessed. With this little doodle (and Kraft paper).

I'm obviously a novice, but I've started drawing her little stick figure on everything. It all started with me making a bit of stationery for the munchkin to write to her friends and out of town family over the summer and now - Birthday Cards, Thank You cards…  and now this To Do List. I went back and forth a bit on whether or not I was scarring my almost six year old by burdening her with such organizational aspirations… But I just couldn't help me self.. 

Kind of a "first draft" - Next go around I'll put these in order. Munchkin is obsessed with knowing what the date is. Probably due to her impending birthday in a few weeks. 

Somebunny's turning six - WOOT. 

So I help her spell the month and she get's to it (after breakfast in our pajama's). I'm hoping this will help keep some sanity (for both of us), especially once the hustle and bustle of school starts. 

My favorite item is "Play with Avery. They are about 3 1/2 years apart in age and I really want them to be close so I try really hard to make sure to encourage them to spend time together (If she reads to him she get's to cross off two items at once) playing and such. He's only two so his attention span can be quite maddening to her and me, but she's learning patience and compassion (and teaching me a thing or two)...

I'm thinking of having these serve triple duty:

1. 5 completed slips at the end of the week gets $5 allowance.
2. Coloring Sheet/Tool to teach responsiblility, and foster a sense of accomplishment.
3. One completed slip gets an hour and a half of "screen time".
** I'm also hoping she'll be so busy reading and playing that we won't have much time (or desire) for screen time.. I'll let you know how that turns out:-)

I realize that most of these things she should be doing anyway (without some 'award' tied to it), and I'm sure the list will evolve over time. 

 Some other doodles:
a birthday card for grand mommy, a thank you card for invitation to lunch.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Are you doing an allowance? Are routine's helpful for you and your littles or does being a bit more laid back work for you? 

Just being nosy:-)


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