Sep 12, 2014



I think all of my favorite actors and comedians got together and made movies and decided to release them all at the same time. Frantically searching for a sitter so that I can dive into at least one of these movies - HILARIOUS, EMOTIONAL, TERRIFYING - over the weekend. I've corralled the trailers for your viewing pleasure. Also, if you're going to see either, ping me just in case I need to leave hubby at home for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT.


Speaking of Girls Night, I'm almost finished with this hilarious book. The author has described southern women to a tee - which I found equally hilarious and offensive?!  Hoping to finish it up over the weekend and dive into a few other things:

I'm trying to find something fun to do over the long weekend in October. I'd love to share this huge amazing house with some friends in mountains of Asheville, I've never been before - but a fall trip to the mountains would be a good way to unwind from the hustle of back to school… Hints to the hubby..

Stumbled on this Cozi app - the tag line drew me in - family.  life.  simplify - I'll take some of that.

Going  overboard over on Pinterest - looking for inspiration for fall porch decor ideas starting with this inspired Pinterest board. I'm thinking galvanized planters, purple mums, white stenciled pumpkins...

SHOUT OUT! So jealous happy for my bloggy pal Mimi who has just signed on to blog for Good Housekeeping - WOW!! I want to be just like this chic when I grow up. For Real tho.

SO In love with the style and design of this Chicago apartment. Currently deleting all my pin boards and starting over with these photos:-) Oh and I'll be stalking her super cute blog over the weekend.

Locking myself in my little guest room/office for a bit making more of these lovely bracelets - I think. Enter to win one for yourself - SHARING THE LOVE.

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Mimi said...

Ha! Love you. We are overdue for a girls night out. I already saw No Good Deed so pick something different!

bunnie hilliard said...

How was Good Deed?! I need a margarita! Let's do it Mimi!


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