Nov 14, 2014


My next attempt at a "fashion post". Which mainly means.. what I like to wear. Lets call it a STYLE POST. I don't consider my self "fashiony"? But I like to look like I at least tried (give the appearance of a shower) whenever possible. After all, we busy mamas like to look good too right?

I'm thinking with these few tips you will be the cutest mom (from the shoulders up)… Just right for car pool WOOT.

My recipe for fall fashion includes:

Layers!! What better way to cover up the things hat happen to your body from Halloween to New Years? And thankfully layers never go out of style. This Ted Baker paisley print shirt I picked up at a Thrift Store, and the chambray is my favorite every day shirt from JCrew. They don't have it anymore, but you can get  similar one here.

Swipe of bold Lipstick. Nothing says, I'm ready like lipstick. Only a bold color will do. Really shows that you gave it the old college try! Recently been rocking this berry shade from NYX I picked up at the Target.

Cute Shoes. Preferably some warm boots. You'll be surprised how far a pair of sturdy riding boots will get you. I've had these for several years. Tony brought them back from a school/business trip from Argentina a few years back. Similar here on sale at Nordstrom.

and last but not least...

A cute hat.. LOVE this hat. Wool, I got it from Jcrew last year on super duper sale so I bought two. I can totally not comb my hair and put this on and look like a million (a couple hundred??) bucks. I'd even wear this hat on good hair days. Similar here in wool pinstripe and oxblood leather . I WANT them booth (shakes piggy bank).


Speaking of fall hats. Thought I'd link up with some other mamanistas who are showing off their fall hats today. Click here to see some other Mamanista Friday Fall Hat Style.

What do you think?!! Have a great weekend.. Its going to be COLD here in HOTLANTA!

THANKS SO MUCH for snapping these awesome pics of me Mimi!


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Baby Shopaholic said...

Girl! My kinda of outfit! Not only do I have the hat, but that shirt too! Team J.Crew!

bunnie hilliard said...

Yes girl!! Love the Crew! Great minds think alike:-)


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