Nov 5, 2014


So I've been fretting a bit lately over processed foods. Mainly snacks for the kiddos (and myself). So my solution (of late) is to try really hard to take more thought and care into buying and mainly making some heal thing options.

I gave up microwaving popcorn some time ago and really enjoy making our own on the stove

I make the munchkins lunch which usually consists of a sandwich of sorts (cheese, jam, sun butter, mini bagel with cream cheese), two choices of fruit (or fruit and veggie) something salty (i.e. tortilla chips) and something sweet (i.e my sister sends crates of Oreos for munchkin) she's a chocolate girl. And so am I for that matter.  Also, she's allergic to nuts.

So I'm trying really hard to replace the sweets with something home made. Last week I made these yummy chocolate chip banana muffins. And am going to attempt a healthier version Sunflower Seed Butter cookie. I'm no expert, but at thew send of the day, I'd just like to feel good about the things I'm giving my brood to eat. But I digress..

For snack,  I've been doing a couple of popcorn combos including this one. Popcorn (made with olive oil and kosher salt), pretzels and white grape raisins.

Some other combo ideas: chocolate chips, dried apricots, banana chips, dried cranberries. Looking for more ideas so please shoot me a note with any?

I like to decorate a brown paper bag with little notes or jokes or throw it in one of her little lunch boxes like this hello kitty one I grabbed from the dollar spot at Target.

Not little h is a whole different ball game. This little boy only eats 5 things. This short order cook routine is starting to get on my nerves..


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