Nov 13, 2009

in fashion and entertainment:-)

Just some quick notes:-)

This show (The City) has been hit or miss for me this season.. but hubby loves.. not sure why he likes this show but hates the hills? i think he's partial to whitney (soft breathy voice) it's all the same. unfortunately was sucked in since laguna beach:-) and have been following ever since.
definately team lauren so this whole kristin thing is a little annoying.. at any rate.. here's to the rise and fall of freddie fackelmayer.. 


 Gray's Anatomy is really getting good again this season.. SO Dramatic, Funny, Tear-Jerking, Romantic, Loves it!

Love this tweed sheath on Zoe Saldana and leopard print scarf on Shakira. I'm really into the big scarves in the winter time. My mommy told me that you have to keep your chest covered or you'll catch cold...

Found this one of my fav sites ( Hubby and I really like the show "Everybody Hates Chris, so I was tickled when I saw that Actors KeKe Palmer &; Tyler James Williams hit the set of KeKe’s upcoming movie True Jackson, VP movie.  Its based on her show of course.  And Tyler’s playing her love interest in the movie.  They are too cute.

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