Jan 4, 2010

loving my roots...

i'm realizing more and more everyday that the thing i love most in this world is taking care of my family... i never thought i would be this lady... i always thought i'd be ms. jetsetting-dealmaking-corporate city slicker..  i mean growing up in my big small town in florida all i could think about is what was outside the city limits...  and now that i've lived a couple places and done some things... what i enjoy most is being a wife and a mommy.. and all that comes along with that.

there are no better feelings that snuggling with my hubby at bed time and the little kisses he gives me when he wakes up briefly in the middle of the night.  and i love to smell my munchkin's breath.. i dont know why.. it doesnt smell like anything? but i LOVE it...

at any rate..

i made some home made apple cinamon  oatmeal this weekend..  i used apple juice and pureed apples and cinamon. YUM!

my favorite was the little chunks of apples..

she's so grown up now!!
16 months and counting.. should she know how to play hide and seek? well there are a couple of cabinets that i leave unlocked that have the plastics in them that she's plays in. we saw her climbing inside and that she ws trying to close the door.. we figured it would take her at least a couple of days to figure out how to close the door behind her.. try a couple of seconds!! of course i played the distressed "where's baby?!!!" act. .and she loved every minute of it, cracking herself up inside.. she's definately not afraid of the dark!!

a little late to the game on this one, but i was so excited to give it a try!!  i looked all over for a black black apple doll, to no avail so i was on my own on this one. martha stewart provided the tutorial from the ladies.
i didnt finish this up in time for Christmas.. so i think i'll give it to her for Valentine's Day.. i still need to stuff it. and am trying to figure out how to give her some sweet little mary jane's.. and maybe some accessories.. i'm such a novice at sewing but am looking forward to more projects! what should we name her?!!

hubby says she has smoker's lips?

1 comment:

homemade grits said...

matilda has that dress and andie is so darn cute and i LOVE the doll! she's perfect!!


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