Oct 25, 2011

what happened?

its that time again!

every few years i'm able to pull off a pretty good costume. not sure this will be the year, but last year. that was pretty good if i may say so myself:)  a good friend of mine threw a little shin dig, and i left the hubby home while i partied like a real housewife of atlanta (pun intended)..

tee hee! 

this year the focus will be on the munchkin... a friend of mine sent me this pic, and i had all sorts of plans to turn her into this:

adorable right?  not so fast...

and this is what she'd like to be. spider girl?! her bestie cole had on a spider man costume a few weeks ago when we went to visit and since then she's been adamant about being "spider girl" for halloween. i must admit, i wasnt even aware that there was a spider girl? i thought i was going to have to sew a skirt or tutu on a muscly (with muscles:) spider man costume, but lo and behold.. target has everything..   

 done. and done.

how in the heck did that happen?!

gotta love her!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's one of the best costumes ever LOL. So funny and cute. I just LOVE the little princess costume too, so chic lol.

bunnie said...

We got the spider girl costume in the mail today "from daddy" she is SUPER EXCITED!!


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